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About drasticproductions

We are a not for profit performance company working within theatre and live art. We are a team of professional performers and theatre makers experienced in socially engaged practice. We believe working in this way can be empowering for individuals and groups of people, enabling them to make intresting, iinnovative and sometimes challenging work.

5 Questions For…

Emma Nurton   This is quite possibly my favourite ‘5 Questions’. Emma has been one of the core members of the group from the start, entering each new phase of the work with enthusiasm, bravery and wisdom. I have witnessed … Continue reading

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Five Questions for….

And so for the second installment of the dramatically named ‘Five Questions for’… This time for  Donna Baber. Donna is one of the unseen lynchpins of DP, the one who picks through budgets with a fine tooth comb, the one who … Continue reading

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Season One Pics

During Season One I handed over the reigns of this project whilst I went off and had a baby… The other day I found a file of pics that I’d never seen before! These really show the diversity of the … Continue reading

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Five Questions For….

In this originally titled little feature I’ll be asking five key people involved in making this project five questions about the experience. I thought we’d start with our fantastic graphic novelist Liz Greenfield! What do you do? I’m a writer, artist, … Continue reading

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Countdown to September Launch

Last Thursday saw the participants seeing the work for the very first time. Laughter, amazement and expletives filled the air. Decisions were made and plans were hatched. It’s  amazing to think we’ve got to this point already- 18 months of work … Continue reading

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This Time Last Year

Just leafing through the archives (I think its called tidying) and found this cute little publication from last year. Theatre Bristol published this little guide to all the people they work with, one of which was us! Seeing this again gave me … Continue reading

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DP features in DIY manual!

OK, so its a book on DIY performance making, not shed building! This great book features over 30 artists including Drastic Production’s very own Liz Clarke. She talks about her experiences of working with DP and her own solo practice, … Continue reading

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